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6 of 50 strains for the genesis collection have been chosen. Help select the Cannabis strains. Get rewards as an active member.


Nobody prefers smoking alone

Cyber Budz is a community of NFT holders that share a love for cannabis, gaming on the blockchain & DeFi.

Begin the journey

Your journey truly begins when joining the Cyber Budz NFT community. Earn rewards with a Cyber Bud character and collect lucrative and rare buds through raid battles and breeding.

Mint and grow

Mint a seed, plant it in your greenhouse. After 420 minutes, your unique NFT will appear.

RAID battles

Use your NFT to roll a fat one and participate in RAID battles. Participation will earn rewards.


$CBUDZ represents your stake in the treasury DAO which is earned through RAID battles, holding, events, and much more.

Stake rewards

Depending on the THC level of your NFT, you'll be awarded $CBUDZ every 420 hours.

Treasury DAO

50% of all revenue is directly sent to the treasury which is used to buy & sell blue-chip NFTs, managed by the community.

Smokers community

Take part in community events to meet like-minded smokers, exchange NFTs and get rewarded as an active member.

What are Cyber Budz?

Collect. Play. Earn.

Cyber Budz are NFTs that live on the Polygon blockchain. NFT holders play the Crypto Budz game to earn $CBUDZ and rare NFTs.

Cyber Budz invests 50% of all project revenue into other NFT projects. As a hodler, you’ll get free $CBUDZ which represents your part of the treasury DAO.

Together with the community and our community managers, we want to create weekly events, chill-sessions and we are dreaming of hosting a physical meet-up where you can buy real cannabis with $CBUDZ.

Game economy

Battle for free to earn $CBUDZ tokens and airdrops. Choose to stake your plants and receive $CBUDZ tokens.

How does a raid battle work?

STEP - 01

Pass a joint

"Attacking" the boss is called "pass a joint". Careful, you never know how many tokes the boss will take.

STEP - 02

Do damage

Damage is based on the number of tokes the boss took and the THC level of your Cyber Bud.

STEP - 03

Out of tokes?

If you are out of tokes for your Bud, you need to burn $CBUDZ to revive your plant.

STEP - 04

Get rewards

The more damage you've done, the higher your chances to get $CBUDZ & $MATIC.

Cyber Budz
Roadmap 2022

2021 Q4
Welcome to Cyber Budz
  • The Cyber Budz project was born during some smoking sessions.
  • Technical proof of concept testing with other smokers.
  • Official white paper release with full concept and tokenomics.
  • Building a community of like-minded NFT enthusiasts.
2022 Q2
Cyber Budz Mint
  • The digital Cyber Budz coffee shop will be opened with the sale of 10.000 unique Cyber Budz character NFTs. (Official date TBD)
  • Holders start earning $CBUDZ rewards by delisting their assets from marketplaces.
  • Website is upgraded to unify the styling and utilities of the Cyber Budz brand.
2022 Q3
Phase 1: Raid Battles, Staking & Treasury DAO
  • Community RAID battles are organized. Rewards by participation in defeating the RAID boss.
  • $CBUDZ token launches along with a token staking protocol. Leaving Budz in your greenhouse will start generating $CBUDZ.
  • Launch of the treasury DAO. The amount of $CBUDZ represent your stake in the DAO.
2022 Q4
Phase 2: Cyber Budz Breeding
  • Players can breed plants to create a super-variant, giving stronger stats, characteristics and rewards.
  • Breeding cycles are implemented. After breeding, a plant needs 420 hours cooldown before it can breed again.
2023 Q1
Phase 3: Lending & extra plant characteristics
  • Cyber Budz NFT holders can lease out their Budz and share in the rewards. Pass the joint!
  • Extra Cyber Budz NFT characteristics are added which will have a unique strength against some raid bosses.

Budget Allocation

DAO Treasury
War Chest
Community Growth

Meet Our Team

Developer & Head of Growth
Cyber Budz Artist
Community Manager
NFT Advisor
NFT Artist & Advisor


Whassup! Got a question? We’re here to answer. If you don’t see your question here, hop on the discord.
Cyber Budz are NFTs that can be minted or traded on Open Sea. They can not only be used as “digital art” but they are also an important asset in the Crypto Budz game.
Currently we are opening the whitelist through our discord. Please join the discord to get access to the whitelist.

We aim for the Cyber Budz to be ready for minting in Q2 2022

$CBUDZ are the official token from Cyber Budz. $CBUDZ represent your stake in the treasury. Your plants will generate $CBUDZ when standing on your field (Staking your plants).
We really want to make true on our promise “nobody prefers smoking alone”. We want to create a vibrant community and organize online events, RAIDS and we dream of a first offline get together where people can buy real cannabis with $CBUDZ.