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6 of 50 strains for the genesis collection have been chosen. Help select the Cannabis strains. Get rewards as an active member.



Version 0.0.02

What do you need to start your game?

Mint a Cyber Bud

69 MATIC. You will get one random seed.


Buy a plant on OpenSea.

How many Budz will there be?

The genesis collection will contain 50 different species and every species will have 200 different variants. There will also be 100 plants reserved for special events and collabs with artists. These plants can only be won by participating in raids (multiplayer battles). Totaling the genesis collection to 10.000 plants.

50% of all revenue goes to the DAO

Cyber-Budz wants to be there for the community. 

50% of all current & future revenue will go to the treasury DAO. Think of this as a Treasury chest where you own a part off. 

When you keep you Cyber Bud plant on your field, it will generate $CBUDZ every 420 minutes. These $CBUDZ represent your ownership in the DAO. 

The treasury DAO will invest in other Blue-Chip (verified) NFT projects. Buying  Doodles, Cyber Kongz, or BAYC is not for everyone. We want to be your gateway drug to the booming NFT market. 

Why do you want plants?

Fighting raid bosses

Every plant can be used a fixed amount of times before it’s out. In Budz we call 1 usage a toke.

Once you pass a joint to the raid boss, he will take a random amount of tokes.

The moment your plant (NFT) used up all its tokes, you can revive your plant by burning $CBUDZ token. Burning a token means that it’s taken out of circulation, leading to a lower amount of tokens in circulation. This way holders are rewarded since their % ownership in the DAO increases. 

If you participate in a raid, you will be rewarded with $CBUDZ & $MATIC that is dropped by the boss.

Your total damage to the boss will determine how many rewards you’ll receive.

After the raid, there will be a calculation of how much percentage of the damage you’ve done. Based on the % of the damage you’ve done, you’ll be put in 1 of 3 buckets.

  • Bucket 1: Players who have done top 20% most damage
  • Bucket 2: Players who have done top 50% most damage
  • Bucket 3: All other players who have done at least 1 attack

The distribution of items happens in order of the amount of damage you’ve done.

By distributing the drop of rewards like this, there is still an incentive for new players to start participating in raids. They also have a (small) chance to win rewards and thus progress their gameplay.

Staking Plants

By leaving your plant on your field, it will start generating $CBUDZ. The amount of $CBUDZ generated will depend on the THC value of the plant. 

Future utility of $CBUDZ will be (but is not limited to)

  • Breeding Plants
  • Participating in other upcoming games
  • Buffs

The moment you use $CBUDZ for purchase, these $CBUDZ will be burned. Therefore, limiting the amount of circulating $CBUDZ and acting as an anti-inflation mechanism.

Your $CBUDZ represents your stake in the Treasury DAO. If you for example have 1 million $CBUDZ and there is a total supply of 420 Million $CBUDZ, that means that you own 1/420 or 0,23% of the assets owned by the DAO. 

The BUDZ Token

BUDZ has a maximum supply of 420 million, which is allocated as follows.

  • 50% for in-game rewards
  • 8% for community growth and development 
  • 20% for development team
  • 7% for advisors
  • 15% for the BUDZ private and public sale

The burning of $BUDZ when buying in-game items will have an impact on the total circulation supply. We aim to balance the amount of $BUDZ entering the market with $BUDZ being used in the store.

The community

Nobody prefers smoking alone. 

To foster the community, we’ll organize weekly community events.

Some of these events are

  • Super hard raid bosses that drop a unique plant NFT designed by an NFT Artist
  • Smoke sessions in the discord server where we invite influencers / famous tokers to smoke with us
  • Local meet-ups (in areas where consuming is legal), where your digital NFT unlocks entrance to the venue and $BUDZ can be used to buy real life Buds

Future of the game

Phase 2
Breeding plants

Only genesis plants will be eligible for breeding. A breeding cycle takes 420 hours, after which 1 seed of a hybrid plant will be minted. 

After breeding, a plant needs 420 hours cooldown before it can be used for breeding again.

Combining plants

When you have a full room of plants (4 of the same kind), you’ll be able to combine these into a super-variant. 

For example: 4 times, lemon haze becomes super lemon haze.

The 4 original plants will be burned.

The super lemon haze will have stronger stats that will benefit him well in Raid battles.

One super plant will have 8 times the amount of available tokes of a single plant, and the THC % will be increased with 50%.

Phase 3

In this phase, we’ll add extra characteristics to the plants which will have a unique strength against some raid bosses. 

Some of these extra characteristics are:

  • CBD %
  • Terpene Profile
  • Dry Mouth
  • Energetic
  • Sweetness

Since you’ll want to breed plants that have interesting characteristics to battle raid bosses, we’ll implement a system where you can lend out your plants for 1 breed cycle, and you’ll be paid $CBUDZ for this.